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Joined 17 May '09
Last Moved 21 Nov '11
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About GarGouille

I am a French kiwi who enjoys a good challenge and fairly quick games. I like a nice chat too, don't mind giving advice when I can, love to receive some, and I usually don't bite...I do like to bite kings though...French blood talking I guess

Sorry, I do not accept challenges; I currently focus on the quality of my games rather than the quantity of them.

Unless our game is very interesting, you asked for it, or I enjoy your company, I do take skulls and put them in a special room...where I crush them! :p

I do study chess quite a bit, so any tips on good material sources and means to achieve greatness are more than welcome!

Finally, as free time is quite rare, I now only play very few games.

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Games Played 502
Rated 436
Won 326
Lost 129
Drawn 47
In Progress 0
Moves 12160
Moves This Month 0
Rating 2033
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 2033
Tournament Entry Rating 2033
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Rated Games
317 (72%)46 (11%)73 (17%)
W/D/L As White193
135 (70%)26 (13%)32 (17%)
W/D/L As Black243
182 (75%)41 (17%)
Played By Color436
193 (44%)243 (56%)
Won By Color317
135 (43%)182 (57%)
Lost By Color73
32 (44%)41 (56%)
Drawn By Color46
26 (57%)20 (43%)
Wins by timeout 24 (7.57%)
Losses by timeout 19 (26.03%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating208820882179
Average Rating206220651976
Lowest Rating203320331509
Opponent Avg. Rating174117551691
Games Rated89436
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