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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member agent33online113312124476679828 May '18 07:57Challenge Player
Standard member Ghe Ptzonline1342261138119428 May '18 07:54Challenge Player
Standard member mike walker16416262313128328 May '18 07:41Challenge Player
Standard member art vandelay13198143873943328 May '18 07:38Challenge Player
Standard member Toyota114261138823228 May '18 07:30Challenge Player
Standard member Darryl McKenzie12422501111221728 May '18 07:28Challenge Player
Subscriber larry the lick100513244109011328 May '18 07:20Challenge Player
Standard member Mfchesssss13135142722182428 May '18 07:01Challenge Player
Subscriber durienb19882060147944114028 May '18 06:55Challenge Player
Subscriber dinc16812121873057631232664128 May '18 06:52Challenge Player
Standard member mean jean115917907939336428 May '18 06:42Challenge Player
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn1637134209404321680028 May '18 06:40Challenge Player
Standard member awol120615187007724628 May '18 06:40Challenge Player
Standard member Donald Porter1022953064128 May '18 06:36Challenge Player
Standard member caldon65122016577687989128 May '18 06:22Challenge Player
Standard member davidwood12706252553482228 May '18 06:08Challenge Player
Standard member uli1713147163443551728 May '18 06:02Challenge Player
Subscriber mischas163541811934201223528 May '18 06:01Challenge Player
Standard member Atomick156924371150117910828 May '18 06:01Challenge Player
Standard member WillieNelson1510147379654912828 May '18 05:51Challenge Player
Standard member badbrad5694123970167228 May '18 05:44Challenge Player
Subscriber kristjan165860063327224943028 May '18 05:42Challenge Player
Standard member paulusbos1097361223128 May '18 05:41Challenge Player
Subscriber golddog2141137291704191011528 May '18 05:40Challenge Player
Standard member mikesalami1332158052010293128 May '18 05:36Challenge Player
Subscriber juilio139712685876265528 May '18 05:32Challenge Player
Standard member Lukavich151144711545265027628 May '18 05:26Challenge Player
Standard member polroger151413010023728 May '18 05:25Challenge Player
Standard member springsun13418725602733928 May '18 05:20Challenge Player
Standard member redrufus0071467715021028 May '18 05:20Challenge Player

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