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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member DanyDuckonline12217244372573014 Aug '18 17:22Challenge Player
Standard member springsunonline14449586222934314 Aug '18 17:22Challenge Player
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn1767136839557330482214 Aug '18 17:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Great Big Stees928248080915947714 Aug '18 17:21Challenge Player
Standard member amit sudonline16976814891365614 Aug '18 17:21Challenge Player
Standard member Osbert of Ardenonline1518141361461718214 Aug '18 17:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Mitchapoloozaonline On Vacation14442533123212198214 Aug '18 17:19Challenge Player
Standard member chesstononline104729419195814 Aug '18 17:19Challenge Player
Standard member riedlhuberonline162222312491814 Aug '18 17:19Challenge Player
Standard member Drinianonline146330051300156514014 Aug '18 17:17Challenge Player
Standard member littlenewbieonline8385882393371214 Aug '18 17:16Challenge Player
Standard member nook of the nwonline1182405168230714 Aug '18 17:16Challenge Player
Subscriber gevansonline130727121417119010514 Aug '18 17:14Challenge Player
Standard member A1cookonline90411135545441514 Aug '18 17:14Challenge Player
Subscriber mischasonline166042101948202523714 Aug '18 17:14Challenge Player
Standard member Petros1521486228249914 Aug '18 17:09Challenge Player
Standard member douglasfred78515118835943414 Aug '18 17:08Challenge Player
Standard member jpark5515382835171898013714 Aug '18 17:07Challenge Player
Standard member lelloyd14468684703593914 Aug '18 17:07Challenge Player
Subscriber justplaychess130973073317367831214 Aug '18 17:06Challenge Player
Standard member Walter Fredrickson120925178014 Aug '18 17:04Challenge Player
Standard member t2517952731158063851314 Aug '18 17:02Challenge Player
Standard member admiraladama1180391918214 Aug '18 17:02Challenge Player
Standard member tsloan124037181517204116014 Aug '18 17:01Challenge Player
Subscriber pawn9365117210965824902414 Aug '18 17:00Challenge Player
Subscriber golddog2141638061750193811814 Aug '18 16:57Challenge Player
Subscriber dirtysniper1157133462255016214 Aug '18 16:55Challenge Player
Subscriber krugerand161230631929100213214 Aug '18 16:54Challenge Player
Standard member mikesalami1394162853810573314 Aug '18 16:53Challenge Player
Standard member symbolic147410795395073314 Aug '18 16:52Challenge Player

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