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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Aussiehaploonline11114772002572017 Oct '17 04:03Challenge Player
Subscriber JohnHG12336543033401117 Oct '17 04:00Challenge Player
Subscriber petronus12704674214024538117 Oct '17 03:58Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadog116658032449313621817 Oct '17 03:58Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky13013901981791317 Oct '17 03:56Challenge Player
Standard member dpgiles959245954518684617 Oct '17 03:53Challenge Player
Subscriber projectread87912763458953617 Oct '17 03:52Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie114280713837402520917 Oct '17 03:52Challenge Player
Standard member superdale14544342291951017 Oct '17 03:49Challenge Player
Subscriber olddog1608223612638888517 Oct '17 03:49Challenge Player
Standard member Louis the XV147410514375645017 Oct '17 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member scottpenfold137111935835921817 Oct '17 03:45Challenge Player
Standard member egor bio hazchem10901484897317 Oct '17 03:44Challenge Player
Standard member Peter Kingsley1592232114328226717 Oct '17 03:43Challenge Player
Standard member Sir P134113908095572417 Oct '17 03:43Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo141731841281177313017 Oct '17 03:40Challenge Player
Standard member Red Poll Bull115021912017 Oct '17 03:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Peta Pan10523950156023375317 Oct '17 03:30Challenge Player
Standard member dexter67145412937115612117 Oct '17 03:29Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwood136946762613188717617 Oct '17 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member ostrikovac14716243372592817 Oct '17 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member Weaverofmusic102156947017 Oct '17 03:27Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombat12006323113111017 Oct '17 03:26Challenge Player
Standard member smacknz8015736263292574017 Oct '17 03:26Challenge Player
Standard member Rod Irvine1817419281993917 Oct '17 03:23Challenge Player
Subscriber forty214353651781771017 Oct '17 03:20Challenge Player
Standard member Michael Murray1057223871241217 Oct '17 03:20Challenge Player
Standard member scott tr1564289175109517 Oct '17 03:17Challenge Player
Standard member kragh14883211751321417 Oct '17 03:15Challenge Player
Subscriber scrappie187315979635468817 Oct '17 03:13Challenge Player

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