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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber thwaiters2online95330441324161310723 Feb '18 22:31Challenge Player
Subscriber mcmreonline14332390121810898323 Feb '18 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member gibbsyonline102114174119466023 Feb '18 22:28Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwoodonline126948622709197118223 Feb '18 22:27Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadogonline125661992594336723823 Feb '18 22:26Challenge Player
Subscriber Greg Williamsonline139416857778713723 Feb '18 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member Petrochessonline13859594974075523 Feb '18 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member wandermonline122418278100423 Feb '18 22:25Challenge Player
Standard member francounoonline1360197815164134923 Feb '18 22:24Challenge Player
Standard member stephensmith153337172215135714523 Feb '18 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member russelg1473277166981323 Feb '18 22:15Challenge Player
Standard member Huey2710295192013031523 Feb '18 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member Adam Hallsworth170213566476387123 Feb '18 22:14Challenge Player
Subscriber JohnHG10686913143651223 Feb '18 22:10Challenge Player
Standard member KenHorsley17234392451573723 Feb '18 22:06Challenge Player
Standard member Number2132110506393773423 Feb '18 22:04Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville1701128659651717323 Feb '18 22:04Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemar13417652884492823 Feb '18 21:59Challenge Player
Standard member Mad Dog 2020196397951123 Feb '18 21:58Challenge Player
Standard member zsoltdownunder13167772794673123 Feb '18 21:52Challenge Player
Subscriber kiwipyc127312717474943023 Feb '18 21:52Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman133836521795175410323 Feb '18 21:48Challenge Player
Standard member harkaway hawkp 1371633023 Feb '18 21:48Challenge Player
Standard member lemlimenbitters12866654132421023 Feb '18 21:46Challenge Player
Standard member Marsan16504442921381423 Feb '18 21:45Challenge Player
Subscriber palacista1772177195064517623 Feb '18 21:44Challenge Player
Standard member mawise12391528070223 Feb '18 21:44Challenge Player
Subscriber mendosus12575982882981223 Feb '18 21:37Challenge Player
Subscriber Bruin14519055593014523 Feb '18 21:36Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs007140210705015313823 Feb '18 21:33Challenge Player

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