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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber David Greenwoodonline130450052797202318520 Jun '18 11:31Challenge Player
Standard member grannywombatonline11507523693701320 Jun '18 11:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto146035131772154919220 Jun '18 11:30Challenge Player
Standard member High noononline11748914264343120 Jun '18 11:27Challenge Player
Standard member Hoopsteronline94216846119320 Jun '18 11:26Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemar12778143024813120 Jun '18 11:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Craig stone16819165982784020 Jun '18 11:21Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russo137534371376192213920 Jun '18 11:20Challenge Player
Standard member Adam Hallsworth169613656536407220 Jun '18 11:17Challenge Player
Standard member GeoffKoo139223612998920 Jun '18 11:13Challenge Player
Standard member Kev Pereirap 106413211020 Jun '18 11:13Challenge Player
Standard member Dubiville1726142866457718720 Jun '18 11:13Challenge Player
Standard member egor bio hazchem113518463117420 Jun '18 11:11Challenge Player
Standard member dpgiles973262858619954720 Jun '18 11:09Challenge Player
Standard member KenHorsley17204582541644020 Jun '18 11:07Challenge Player
Standard member amoramour15233141851171220 Jun '18 11:05Challenge Player
Standard member toot115924532691721220 Jun '18 11:05Challenge Player
Standard member dalebass161235287020 Jun '18 11:03Challenge Player
Standard member Huey2711995712203341720 Jun '18 11:02Challenge Player
Subscriber retsnomalig13837273833202420 Jun '18 11:02Challenge Player
Standard member mybex1961162545422120 Jun '18 11:01Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs007149011325275673820 Jun '18 11:01Challenge Player
Subscriber bundydog161433191578710686020 Jun '18 11:00Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10527603394012020 Jun '18 11:00Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman143037921878181010420 Jun '18 10:59Challenge Player
Standard member CrimsonRook14241207041920 Jun '18 10:58Challenge Player
Standard member pete7216264362661462420 Jun '18 10:58Challenge Player
Subscriber radioactive69162418928919297220 Jun '18 10:58Challenge Player
Subscriber SammyJ15742051110883311020 Jun '18 10:55Challenge Player
Subscriber Megsy121312656655514920 Jun '18 10:53Challenge Player

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