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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Greg Williamsonline1379194089510024320 Sep '18 13:14Challenge Player
Standard member dpgilesonline989269059820454720 Sep '18 13:14Challenge Player
Standard member shaffs007online150011515355773920 Sep '18 13:13Challenge Player
Standard member Athena1979online814384613101320 Sep '18 13:12Challenge Player
Subscriber Celsius I126999614668493136220 Sep '18 13:12Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpieonline112386084076430322920 Sep '18 13:11Challenge Player
Standard member kb5online1439210110449817620 Sep '18 13:08Challenge Player
Standard member Cos Russoonline126435151401197314120 Sep '18 13:07Challenge Player
Standard member zsoltdownunderonline14498252944963520 Sep '18 13:07Challenge Player
Standard member Like Bull16108915662873820 Sep '18 13:04Challenge Player
Standard member stewyy16636874572131720 Sep '18 13:02Challenge Player
Standard member Waratah1178295168124320 Sep '18 12:57Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie712074762224024626020 Sep '18 12:54Challenge Player
Subscriber Megsy128112916815605020 Sep '18 12:48Challenge Player
Standard member JohnL551030903552320 Sep '18 12:46Challenge Player
Standard member Otto Reitanop 1165826020 Sep '18 12:44Challenge Player
Standard member Old Boy12516964662181220 Sep '18 12:44Challenge Player
Subscriber bundydog161356193579410806120 Sep '18 12:43Challenge Player
Standard member Waldemar12658773155283420 Sep '18 12:42Challenge Player
Standard member Stayupright1179205893310418420 Sep '18 12:37Challenge Player
Subscriber buggadog110768112832371926020 Sep '18 12:35Challenge Player
Standard member ChristpherP1216754134020 Sep '18 12:35Challenge Player
Standard member Lodewyk140711546714711220 Sep '18 12:32Challenge Player
Standard member CrimsonRook13911357947920 Sep '18 12:30Challenge Player
Subscriber The Big Bishop178610806483805220 Sep '18 12:28Challenge Player
Standard member Arthur Gruchacz15451328540720 Sep '18 12:22Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10368313744352220 Sep '18 12:21Challenge Player
Subscriber David Greenwood131651202869206518620 Sep '18 12:21Challenge Player
Subscriber mikestreet138610764346212120 Sep '18 12:19Challenge Player
Standard member boriskrol1751113339359614420 Sep '18 12:18Challenge Player

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