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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Bobbytongeonline12181125157423 Feb '18 22:28Challenge Player
Standard member shrewonline13762981156113487223 Feb '18 22:27Challenge Player
Subscriber adalia bipunctata130954342398272231423 Feb '18 22:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Crossy Foxonline13771569361223 Feb '18 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline13074392471791323 Feb '18 22:25Challenge Player
Subscriber funkydunky71online20153924298477017023 Feb '18 22:24Challenge Player
Standard member MrVertigoonline131410064035693423 Feb '18 22:24Challenge Player
Subscriber marrekshionline12455262292801723 Feb '18 22:24Challenge Player
Standard member Daniel Francisonline13011125254623 Feb '18 22:23Challenge Player
Subscriber Thunderrookonline2493688571308723 Feb '18 22:23Challenge Player
Standard member amtw99online1770169686658124923 Feb '18 22:22Challenge Player
Standard member Paul Baretteonlinep 1429752023 Feb '18 22:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Ragwortonline19833595234479845323 Feb '18 22:22Challenge Player
Subscriber aylingsdonline141711435495494523 Feb '18 22:21Challenge Player
Standard member CoolColinonline14099884794733623 Feb '18 22:21Challenge Player
Standard member lazzaonline1855116670431714523 Feb '18 22:20Challenge Player
Subscriber NN Cheaponline21085033418252432723 Feb '18 22:20Challenge Player
Subscriber scoop122online137925191208112019123 Feb '18 22:20Challenge Player
Standard member pottersonline140821390119423 Feb '18 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member Simon Aldcroftonlinep 1200413023 Feb '18 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member Brimfulonline14482411882136716223 Feb '18 22:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Francopawn14182491151241023 Feb '18 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member Moches241719476556323 Feb '18 22:18Challenge Player
Subscriber banthony14649014883486523 Feb '18 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member Dan90135711035674964023 Feb '18 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member tashford98112944947871323 Feb '18 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member Teinosuke128110295124803723 Feb '18 22:15Challenge Player
Standard member marklane2001119414708575912223 Feb '18 22:15Challenge Player
Standard member anticyclone13679405453682723 Feb '18 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member novice71327263151104823 Feb '18 22:14Challenge Player

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