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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber meanmicroonline143669843266340131720 Sep '18 12:17Challenge Player
Standard member Stephen Buckettonline8301145161220 Sep '18 12:17Challenge Player
Subscriber chessaholic1991online127930141468142012620 Sep '18 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member Banfa69online123220651150520 Sep '18 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer13928484064321020 Sep '18 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member parker1online116714175827607520 Sep '18 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member michaellonline13428594413358320 Sep '18 12:16Challenge Player
Subscriber JOHMANonline135326381292116018620 Sep '18 12:15Challenge Player
Donation Mulderonline120426521265128710020 Sep '18 12:15Challenge Player
Subscriber jeremy reidonline17022123121073717620 Sep '18 12:14Challenge Player
Standard member Owen Youngonlinep 1200101020 Sep '18 12:14Challenge Player
Standard member Nick Bestonlinep 1200430120 Sep '18 12:14Challenge Player
Subscriber paul Bonominionline1188225012339595820 Sep '18 12:13Challenge Player
Standard member ZoltanHoundOfDraculaonline1523385179197920 Sep '18 12:13Challenge Player
Standard member Richard1online12744121512342720 Sep '18 12:12Challenge Player
Standard member Margaret Wilson 3online917451134020 Sep '18 12:12Challenge Player
Subscriber munichmickonline160631461443136134220 Sep '18 12:11Challenge Player
Subscriber Martyn Bridge907381126120 Sep '18 12:10Challenge Player
Standard member AoWonline179036342020 Sep '18 12:10Challenge Player
Standard member fieldfareonline15983044244248511720 Sep '18 12:09Challenge Player
Standard member a02136online12335293002181120 Sep '18 12:08Challenge Player
Standard member Gloggersonline130930161495139612520 Sep '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member sloth4561257241113020 Sep '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member tashford102414245558551420 Sep '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member Keith Guthrie1145452222120 Sep '18 12:07Challenge Player
Standard member NLLeeroy1012386131255020 Sep '18 12:07Challenge Player
Subscriber Hyperion71701222012618619820 Sep '18 12:05Challenge Player
Subscriber BaronVonChickenpants13349184524481820 Sep '18 12:05Challenge Player
Standard member Jimbo612176563083242420 Sep '18 12:04Challenge Player
Standard member Madmud157924915288920 Sep '18 12:03Challenge Player

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