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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member slyoneonline1419249130116313 Dec '17 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member Carter USMonline136112665096966113 Dec '17 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member stefan99online12741409048213 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member Richard1online11413491192062413 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member LudlowLiononline134812357004874813 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member martinthegreenonline12358143933952613 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member tangerinechromeonline11161285770113 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Subscriber Dadabell127011425665403613 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member TingTongonline125912165166208013 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member Daniel Francisonline1193743140313 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member colin gledrieonline19479307581343813 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member Carl Parrotonline11273101571361713 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Donation rigidwithfearonline149967493360291747213 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline16402945179488127013 Dec '17 22:17Challenge Player
Subscriber edenfield9912775722952572013 Dec '17 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member DerekUKonline14368405432732413 Dec '17 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member quicksandonline1758164976068320613 Dec '17 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member Bobbytongeonline1208964350313 Dec '17 22:16Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online16281603788965918122313 Dec '17 22:15Challenge Player
Standard member sweensonline17864372411623413 Dec '17 22:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Tonksonline178536152368101922813 Dec '17 22:15Challenge Player
Subscriber invigorateonline124265452891342822613 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member Casey Wassermanonline16226773113303613 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Francopawn1335238108122813 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline1278369206156713 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Subscriber jbuxxxonline114010624405843813 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member tashfordonline91512414707591213 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member sbfonline1358743042213 Dec '17 22:14Challenge Player
Standard member baggieman89online13186003112751413 Dec '17 22:12Challenge Player
Subscriber Spence167online114924674172013 Dec '17 22:11Challenge Player

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