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Chess with Tal, Nana and Frodo

This is Frodo from one of the many L.O.T.R. Chess sets
Title here

Which gives me great excuse to show the Frodo Game.

If any of you are coaching kids or just wanting a game to show
to your merry men down at the club then this is it. It's a classic. ...

Chess Coincidences and ChessTraps

Title here

answer at the bottom of this page.
green pawns

Meanwhile....from the U.K. Metro last week we read:

Police in Oslo said they received several emergency calls
on Monday evening from residents who had hears screaming...

Chess Blitz Tricks and the RHP Hall of Doom

Title here

Chess wise 2017 ended on a controversial note which had everyone in a lather.

Introducing to these pages the Russian chess player Ernesto Inarkiev
Title here

The 32 year old, named Ernesto after the Argentinean revolutionary
(and also a chess player) Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, was involved in a...

RHP 2017 Chess Christmas Quiz

Every year I promise myself I’ll do something different and spend
11½ months trying to figure out what. No joy, so once again........
Title here

You will be asked to find the winning and sometimes the losing move
We will start off by pulling a Christmas cracker and reading the joke.

(1) Getyourhandoutofmypocket - willysan RHP 2017 (Black to play...

Australian Beer and Chess

I’ve never been to Australia but I just know I’d like it out there.

I’ve never yet met an Australian lad I did not trust, like and get on
with. An Australian Red Hot Pawn member sent me this picture.
Title here

I requested more information and was duly sent this
photograph of the above picture in it’s natural setting....

Paul Morphy in a 'B' Horror Movie

Hands up all those think this is the greatest film ever.
Title here

OK. Hands up all those who think this film is pretty good.

OK Hands up all those who think this film is totally naff.

OK. you did not like it and most of you have probably never seen it....

Chess Books....and Hitler

Title here

Folkstone is an English coastal town in the county of Kent
I do not have a picture of Folkstone. Here is Winston Williams....
Title here

...holding up the Folkstone Chess Club’s ‘Pickles’ Trophy.

(Pickles was the name of the dog who found the stolen Worl...

Chess: 'The Winning Way' (sometimes)

Magnus Carlsen won the recent Isle of Man tournament with a
score of 7½ pts from 9 games. Winning sic and drawing three

Here is Magnus with his silver trophy and membership voucher.
Title here

Of course it’s a fine state of affairs when our current World Champion does
not know the rules of our noble game but that, apparently, is the case here...

Chess World Cup 2017 we have a winner

Title here

red pawns

The 2017 Chess World Cup has finished. Lev Aronian won it.
Title here

I thought we would take a look at some incidents and some games.

The sponsor had the board around the wrong way...

Short Draws in the World Cup

Hello everyone, and welcome to Hikaru Junction, the only chess blog on the internet that wakes up every evening with a big smile on its face. I recently responded to a question in the discussion thread for the last blog: 174075, which made me consider the way I evaluate short draws, especially in a knockout format. This blog, we’ll be looking at several of the very short draws from the World Cup.

As I mentioned in that thread, my criteria for determining whether a short draw is merely annoying, or detrimental to the tournament, include the reasoning for the draw. To identify some of the "best" and "worst" short draws in the World Cup, I’ve taken each draw under 20 moves and applied the following method:

If the higher-rated player is Black, and thus both players (rather than, in th...

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Three World Cup Brackets

Hello everyone, and welcome to Hikaru Junction, the only chess blog on the internet whose castles stand upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand.

Today, I’ll be previewing each matchup in the second round of the world cup for the first three sections of the bracket, some more in-depth, some less so. I’ll cover several more tomorrow, and try to finish the day afterwards. Let’s get started, as I’m writing this between the tiebreaks finishing and the next game starting one day later. A final note: I’ll be listing players in the following format: Player(seed, pre-tournament rating.)

Section One

Magnus Carlsen (1, 2822) vs Aleksey Dreev (64, 2648)
This appears to be an easy win for the World Champion given the large rating disparity between the two players. Dreev has previously com...

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RHP mentioned in a non-chess book.

A few weeks back we look at a cock-up regarding a chess stamp with the wrong picture.
Look at this set of four chess stamps from Sierra Leone. Who is that on the top left stamp
Title here

Answer at the bottom of the page.
red pawns

Recently I had a reason to be going through this book.....
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1504118227.png}Title here{/imgblock...

Help from all RHP players needed!

This book published in 1964....
Title here

...starts most of it’s chapters with a chess rule or saying.

I’ve selected a handful and the quest is to find out which book
Len Deighton used when he wrote the book. Can anyone help? ...

Blitz vs Standard Chess with Radars

Hello, and welcome to Hikaru Junction, the only chess blog on the internet whose author supports a team in the twelfth tier of English football. Today we’ll be examining the differences between blitz and regular chess using my new favorite analysis tool, the radar graph.

To accomplish that aim, I’ve done radars for three players from one tournament: the 2009 Tal Memorial, a round-robin also with nine rounds, similar to the Norway Blitz tournament. (Vladimir Kramnik (6/9,) Magnus Carlsen (5.5/9,) and Viswanathan Anand (5/9.))

Let’s now take a representative player from the Norway Chess blitz tournament. For a decent representative we want someone who had a good tournament, as we would expect the results to be generally better in longer chess than in blitz chess. However, we don’t w...

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Preliminary Chess Radars

Hello everyone,

welcome to Hikaru Junction, the only chess blog on the internet with an opinion on white chocolate. (1. disgusting, 2. not chocolate)

I've made a new chess visualization comparing players to each other in the same tournament. (Here, specifically, the Norway Chess blitz tournament this year.)

The categories measured:
Point % (from possible points...

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The Great Chess Stamp Scandal

Where to begin this one....Best I think to start of with the book.
Title here

I’ll quickly cover old ground which I’m sure 99% of the planet know.

Fleming uses a chess game in the book It has been established it is this
game Reshevsky - Botvinnik Moscow 1955. I’ll give that game in full at the end. ...

A Chess Jacket and the Salvio Trap

Look at them, these are our chess elite...
Title here

....and they have been made to wear dull unimaginative jackets.

My Auntie Ethel, the one who disguised herself as a man in WWII
so she could fly Lancaster Bombers, always said; “Never complain
about anything, just improve it. ” I have a new jacket design in mind....

Playing Chess With The Devil.

Good evening. Tonight I want to tell you an extraordinary story.

Never mind how it all started. Let’s just say I was in the wrong place at
the wrong time and ended up having to play the Devil at chess for my soul.

We got to this position with Black (the Devil) to play.. ...

And apparently....
Title here

Title here

Title here

Title here

Title here

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1490275699.png}green pawns{/imgblock...

The Great Chess Mystery...

...or this piece could be called how to write a chess blog (Part I)

First of all grab an old copy of one of these...
Title here

....BCM July 1979. (that is J. J. Löwenthal on the cover.)

Look in the ‘Quotes & Queries’ edited by D.J. Morgan...

Chess in Comic Books and Films

A keen hobby of mine is trying to guess the names of my Comic
Book Heroes or Villains just by looking at the costume they wear.

Usually I get it completely wrong . For instance when I first saw this guy.
Title here

I thought ‘That must be ‘The Housewife Scary Man’. (spiders...get it?) ...

The Revenge of Chess Computers

A prophetic cartoon from CHESS 1946
Title here

“I take a poor view of that ‘mediocre’ remark of yours, Mountbatten.”

The computer was replying to this:
Title here

It appears computers, like elephants, do not forget and we can blam...

The 100 move Chess Maze and The Simpsons

If you have just come out of a 3 month drunken coma then news to
you will be that Magnus Carlsen has appeared on The Simpsons.

I’ll put a link to the chess bit at the bottom of this page.
Meanwhile here are a couple of scenes from the show.

The episode is called: 'The Cad And The Hat' Homer is playing his dad at chess...

Chess Mazes and the Red Pawn Demon

Have you done a Chess Maze yet?

Title here

No? Then Good. I’ll give you the rules..

Only the White piece moves the Black pieces stay rooted on the
spot unless your piece goes to a square where it can be taken...

A Postcard From Capablanca

As you all know I am an avid collector of Postcards.
Title here

Recently I paid £100 for a mixed bundle of 1914-18
postcards from E-Bay. Look what was amongst them.
Title here

and written neatly on the back was...
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1488850268.png}Title here{/imgblock...

Yifan and Gunsberg and The Chess Machine

The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Tournament is over. Who won? Who cares?

Main stream media jumped all over this event because of five
moves played by Hou Yifan in her round 10 game v Babu Lalith .

Depending on what medium you are getting this information from.
TV or Newspaper, The hapless viewer or reader was not told wh...

Elementary Chess and Chess Predictions

Essential viewing in my house at the moment is:
Title here

I was put on this a few weeks back by a work colleague when
I happened to mention 99% of TV is rubbish and worthless.
It is an opinion I still hold but Elementary is the missing 1%.

I have binged watched through all 4½ episodes and there ha...

Chess Fun With Rules of Thumb.

The answer to the obvious question is....
Title here

...Yes. I bought this book because of the title.

I recently googled the book and discovered the title is
from a poem by Edward FitzGerald. 'Rubáiyát of Khayyám.' ...

A 1937 Blind Date with Boris Spassky

Next time you are on a blind date and you get that moment of awkward
silence, don’t tell her how nice she is, that will probably be a lie. Instead
you can confidently announce that Vanessa Redgrave (an actress) and
Boris Spassky were born on the exact same day. The 30th January 1937.

This is Vanessa in her 1971 role as Mary Queen of Scots.
{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1484660482.png}Title here{/imgblock...

New Chess Visualization

Hello everyone–
This is a story all about how my blog got flipped–turned upside down: I have a post, with something I hope will be interesting (I’ve been working on it for a while.) Despite that, though, this will be a quick read as I have been quite busy. (I don’t know how greenpawn does it.)

I have been working to develop a visualization on how different chess players approach the game. To this end, here is an example demonstrating the different play styles of Karjakin and Carlsen.

Title here

(I'm sorry. I've tried, and I can't make it bigger. I know, I know....

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