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Chess for Dummies and a Pop-Up Book

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This is the painting ‘Cornered’ by G.C. Hindley circa 1900
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A large copy of this painting hangs on the wall of the Edinburgh Chess Club.
We have on some evenings re-created the position in the painting on the board

1R4K1/6PP/8/3q2n1/8/Q7/2R5/4k3 w - - 0 ...

Chess, The Camel and Zwischenzug

This advert appeared after Arnold Denker won the USA Championship in 1944.
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I have resized each pic to save your weary old eyes from squinting.
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A Chess Coincidence and 1813

Hands up everyone who knows about Egerton Smith (1774-1842 ).
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1. 32-33 47-45
2. 22 -24 58-14
Is Fool’s Mate.

rnb1kbnr/pppp1ppp/8/4p3/6Pq/5P2/PPPPP2P/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 3...

The Curse of the Electronic Chessboard

Hello again and first question of the day is...What is this?
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It is infact the mascot for the 2018 Chess Olympiad which is being held
in Batumi, Georgia from the 23rd of September to the 6th of October.
I have not been able to find out the turtles name. All I can find is ‘The Turtle.’

The dates are important because the World title match between Carlsen and...

The ‘Game of the Century’

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Yes I know and also my quote from these pages way back on my 60th
blog when I was complaining about writers copying from each other ...

Chess and the Indian Navy

Found in a 50p box at the ‘Homes for the Homeless’ Charity shop.
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The 50p is the actual change I got from the £1.00 I handed over.

A solid gold chess bracelet. Well not actually solid gold but when
I give it to my newest girlfriend, Bald Flo Jones, I will tell her it is.
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The Milan Vidmar Trap

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Apparently 100's of these were on sale at a tournament in Florida in 2002.
The position is correct, so are the names and the place.........but the price?
red pawns

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At Hasting in 1926 Milan Vidmar (1885-1962) sprang a trap that with the...

Karpov was Jack the Ripper

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There is a moment in this film when Emma Prentiss (as played by
Jane Seymour) shows Inspector Frederick Abberline (as played by
Michael Caine) an artists impression of Jack the Ripper ( as played
by.....nobody really knows). She says she is selling the drawing to
The Stand Magazine but (and I’m sure most of you know this) the
grisly murders took place in London in 1888, the Strand Magazine...

Chess Junk and Russian Endings

And this is how badly I am afflicted by the chess bug...
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...I’m now buying broken china just because it has a chess theme.

My research, and here I remind my readers of my diligence in such matters,
took me to a small village in southern Italy called Polominto and it was here
I met with a one legged man called Luigi ‘He Who Hops’ who told me it wa...

Chess with Tal, Nana and Frodo

This is Frodo from one of the many L.O.T.R. Chess sets
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Which gives me a great excuse to show the Frodo Game.

If any of you are coaching kids or just wanting a game to show
to your merry men down at the club then this is it. It's a classic. ...
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