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Robert James Fischer Club
  • Club rating 1487
    Joined 17 Jul '09 20:30
    Last moved 28 May '18 07:57
    Rated games 457 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12082151Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber plan12728 May '18 07:45infoIn progress
12646698Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber Ian1527 May '18 20:47infoIn progress
12688689Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber Melina6727 May '18 20:32infoIn progress
12688687Subscriber Melina67Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline27 May '18 20:31infoIn progress
12646697Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber Tonks27 May '18 20:24infoIn progress
12646694Subscriber TonksSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline27 May '18 20:23infoIn progress
12741322Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber jecidi27 May '18 08:26infoIn progress
12741325Subscriber jecidiSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline27 May '18 08:25infoIn progress
12706547Subscriber MAN O WARSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline27 May '18 04:26infoIn progress
12706548Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber MAN O WAR27 May '18 04:26infoIn progress
12543351Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline27 May '18 01:56infoIn progress
12543350Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber ZorroTheFox27 May '18 01:54infoIn progress
12267378Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber ZorroTheFox27 May '18 01:15infoIn progress
12267359Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline27 May '18 01:15infoIn progress
12576744Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber LKIERA26 May '18 22:20infoResigned (1-0)
12646696Subscriber Ian15Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline26 May '18 18:27infoIn progress
12576745Subscriber LKIERASubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline26 May '18 00:05infoResigned (0-1)
12632494Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber Charlie67025 May '18 00:10infoIn progress
12632495Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline25 May '18 00:09infoIn progress
12725505Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber Lenc22 May '18 19:45infoIn progress
12725503Subscriber LencSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline22 May '18 19:41infoIn progress
12586912Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineStandard member Nietzsche184421 May '18 20:37infoIn progress
12562271Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineStandard member Nietzsche184421 May '18 20:36infoIn progress
12082140Subscriber plan127Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline20 May '18 07:11infoResigned (0-1)
12064899Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber ZorroTheFox19 May '18 13:34infoIn progress
12082150Subscriber Thorin OakenshieldonlineSubscriber Melina6716 May '18 02:28infoIn progress
12064858Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline12 May '18 22:40infoIn progress
12267345Standard member caissad4Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline12 May '18 13:15infoIn progress
12562272Standard member Nietzsche1844Subscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline02 May '18 10:37infoResigned (0-1)
12567569Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber Thorin Oakenshieldonline23 Apr '18 02:21infoGame drawn

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