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Chess Player Directory

Chess Player Directory

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member silvertoppedonline12605692582813021 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber r0ttie1online1270197590010324321 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member chookaonline12813191691401021 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member systemconfig136214808206233721 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber Dave Branaganonline167235722074135913921 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member eluuk148512175785627721 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber lbthreeonline161556702845233848721 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member The Time Has Comeonline12756703053422321 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber Bassman57online142854552484264832321 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member Samloyal23online11975342183061021 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member w1fmarioonlinep 14601055021 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member odinericksononline1277540280254621 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber jimbyrdonline1155315161148621 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber grampaOZonline1193174910306754421 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Standard member DickKopfonline1331351263731521 Aug '17 02:43Challenge Player
Subscriber blue birdonline18682086140335432921 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member ken2kiloonline14699976792546421 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber kirbythecatonline148165693864183487121 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member paulnagy50onlinep 1440331019421 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber jsullyonline12832871141113718921 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member babafatsonline174171701021 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber tjx24online158610595813958321 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member guptaamit2onlinep 1200101021 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber KingDavid40316753279161699766621 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber parbuster43online13874182631411421 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member bobkunaonline10324071222622321 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member bartonkonline1170693433221 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber Ghink23online12892524118612835521 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Subscriber inman allen1165241788214617421 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player
Standard member anatolya333online153310464785373121 Aug '17 02:42Challenge Player

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