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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber golddog2online146235101597180810517 Oct '17 04:06Challenge Player
Subscriber dinc168online14721563249211021949217 Oct '17 04:06Challenge Player
Subscriber RMG101online10364618223222969017 Oct '17 04:05Challenge Player
Standard member mean jeanonline108116837378856117 Oct '17 04:05Challenge Player
Standard member redneck farmeronline1175266121140517 Oct '17 04:05Challenge Player
Subscriber blue birdonline18472241152737034417 Oct '17 04:03Challenge Player
Standard member sgolearyonline1747594711117 Oct '17 04:01Challenge Player
Standard member matt2005online147113510627217 Oct '17 04:00Challenge Player
Standard member Atomickonline152323581109114410517 Oct '17 04:00Challenge Player
Standard member nook of the nwonline1156364153206517 Oct '17 04:00Challenge Player
Subscriber justplaychessonline130869273132350029517 Oct '17 03:59Challenge Player
Standard member symboliconline141910485224943217 Oct '17 03:59Challenge Player
Standard member PawnWoodonline14794612382032017 Oct '17 03:58Challenge Player
Standard member RobertV196311939345573631417 Oct '17 03:54Challenge Player
Standard member Big Show10728013004831817 Oct '17 03:53Challenge Player
Standard member Plibbyp 14751063117 Oct '17 03:53Challenge Player
Standard member Jack Stacey161625196017 Oct '17 03:53Challenge Player
Subscriber juilio129111895505934617 Oct '17 03:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Sanjay Gupta 2140319410384717 Oct '17 03:48Challenge Player
Standard member 8CloudCity42142821612386717 Oct '17 03:47Challenge Player
Standard member wjin13187553194013517 Oct '17 03:47Challenge Player
Subscriber kristjan152958273232218241317 Oct '17 03:44Challenge Player
Subscriber johnnymaster14532648138012095917 Oct '17 03:42Challenge Player
Standard member rocketridep 128718107117 Oct '17 03:42Challenge Player
Subscriber mghrn5517623745244591938117 Oct '17 03:42Challenge Player
Standard member mikesalami135214574639662817 Oct '17 03:41Challenge Player
Standard member ryky52p 13021376017 Oct '17 03:39Challenge Player
Standard member JTwerk1302864637317 Oct '17 03:39Challenge Player
Standard member Chad G1266368163199617 Oct '17 03:38Challenge Player
Standard member badbrad56100017258112217 Oct '17 03:35Challenge Player

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