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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Elle Oonline16092036107082214417 Oct '17 04:05Challenge Player
Standard member Blue Eyed Devil 32812931245862417 Oct '17 03:42Challenge Player
Subscriber SirLurch159097294410437094917 Oct '17 03:41Challenge Player
Subscriber woody651439105464526538563517 Oct '17 03:26Challenge Player
Subscriber Tommovich1731129166340122717 Oct '17 03:08Challenge Player
Subscriber psychodiscokid116212594957402417 Oct '17 03:04Challenge Player
Subscriber Indonesia Phil167573931527914517 Oct '17 02:59Challenge Player
Standard member Brandubh121618964119617 Oct '17 02:57Challenge Player
Standard member Knightmare1965p 1200220017 Oct '17 02:55Challenge Player
Standard member CHUFFLEY15068555582831417 Oct '17 02:54Challenge Player
Subscriber cheeky147833071640154612117 Oct '17 02:06Challenge Player
Standard member SexyBeast128710324795143917 Oct '17 01:59Challenge Player
Standard member SlimDee12951055147717 Oct '17 01:51Challenge Player
Standard member icthusmars129611067423135117 Oct '17 01:45Challenge Player
Subscriber felldancer1628916642373594133517 Oct '17 01:42Challenge Player
Subscriber shannie1350724525217 Oct '17 01:39Challenge Player
Standard member TJSteel15481267746317 Oct '17 01:38Challenge Player
Subscriber charliechester134712526046103817 Oct '17 01:23Challenge Player
Standard member MilkyJoe16626333422771417 Oct '17 00:55Challenge Player
Subscriber mickess10204226197421777517 Oct '17 00:48Challenge Player
Standard member Neil181216622751471101817 Oct '17 00:43Challenge Player
Subscriber UNCLEBRO151536711864160720017 Oct '17 00:38Challenge Player
Standard member lanxfox1356164870675119117 Oct '17 00:37Challenge Player
Standard member briantheref94511362240188877417 Oct '17 00:26Challenge Player
Standard member IceKnight164041551992183632717 Oct '17 00:22Challenge Player
Subscriber wonkiesboy13164124206719857217 Oct '17 00:17Challenge Player
Subscriber Mandos117445951890256913617 Oct '17 00:13Challenge Player
Standard member Beatleboy13991999683120111517 Oct '17 00:09Challenge Player
Standard member brillianterpianist13619134883863917 Oct '17 00:05Challenge Player
Standard member The Dark Destroyer177015813123416 Oct '17 23:58Challenge Player

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