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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member briantherefonline96411420242689167817 Feb '18 21:19Challenge Player
Standard member novuce1online12431667688217 Feb '18 21:18Challenge Player
Subscriber FiddlewoodKidonline129540371887195819217 Feb '18 21:18Challenge Player
Subscriber neilarinionline15512587136611279417 Feb '18 21:17Challenge Player
Standard member dogdyrodgyonline12573701402141617 Feb '18 21:16Challenge Player
Standard member Ray Charles 2onlinep 1200110017 Feb '18 21:16Challenge Player
Standard member Ghost of a Dukeonline170816789413717 Feb '18 21:16Challenge Player
Standard member jim9online15429586402962217 Feb '18 21:16Challenge Player
Standard member Aerodynamikonline2113515384904117 Feb '18 21:15Challenge Player
Subscriber lanepe125113886466974517 Feb '18 21:15Challenge Player
Standard member tonynugeonline1218164790364310117 Feb '18 21:15Challenge Player
Standard member Bracker1973online15593111851111517 Feb '18 21:14Challenge Player
Subscriber rizzersonline1822259719165899217 Feb '18 21:14Challenge Player
Standard member alexgconline12547273533492517 Feb '18 21:13Challenge Player
Standard member Danaar495online118721796118317 Feb '18 21:13Challenge Player
Subscriber Jack Bertramonline213312468523009417 Feb '18 21:13Challenge Player
Subscriber InvaderOfRomeonline20062514187831931717 Feb '18 21:13Challenge Player
Standard member Galabadonline12557524482792517 Feb '18 21:13Challenge Player
Subscriber IZEcubeonline133715797597368417 Feb '18 21:12Challenge Player
Subscriber ianbellchqonline165410866024364817 Feb '18 21:12Challenge Player
Standard member blackknight678online1500227881172217 Feb '18 21:12Challenge Player
Subscriber flatcaponline121352762794234813417 Feb '18 21:12Challenge Player
Subscriber Trebormint24online1079580251329017 Feb '18 21:11Challenge Player
Standard member Grant TheKingonline12617092484283317 Feb '18 21:11Challenge Player
Standard member lucas76online110411144826161617 Feb '18 21:10Challenge Player
Subscriber shaptonionline18547155271622617 Feb '18 21:10Challenge Player
Subscriber robinrunawayonline16558084912754217 Feb '18 21:10Challenge Player
Subscriber mrpoobahonline141914978225938217 Feb '18 21:09Challenge Player
Standard member knight majikonline142782023981405017117 Feb '18 21:09Challenge Player
Subscriber barken994210579212823117 Feb '18 21:09Challenge Player

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