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Chess Player Directory for Germany

Chess Player Directory for Germany

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Petilo82online11917813743743322 Mar '18 14:04Challenge Player
Subscriber Ponderableonline1455153347517697684122 Mar '18 14:03Challenge Player
Standard member BKE345online1163323140176722 Mar '18 14:03Challenge Player
Standard member Hoppelpoppelonline1431844736122 Mar '18 14:03Challenge Player
Standard member Haidionline17305352542176422 Mar '18 14:01Challenge Player
Standard member Checkov16512477173358016422 Mar '18 13:59Challenge Player
Standard member gedankeonline13101328051122 Mar '18 13:56Challenge Player
Standard member AliceWD2317320211555422 Mar '18 13:49Challenge Player
Subscriber mauser15039184973596222 Mar '18 13:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Blanca168731668200009844182422 Mar '18 13:48Challenge Player
Standard member daniel87113310204455492622 Mar '18 13:45Challenge Player
Subscriber Johannes Goethe18892551158063233922 Mar '18 13:42Challenge Player
Subscriber Ullichamp168029521587110625922 Mar '18 13:41Challenge Player
Standard member uhmail1418192598280813522 Mar '18 13:38Challenge Player
Subscriber R91809105350145110122 Mar '18 13:36Challenge Player
Standard member forneus1030473212259222 Mar '18 13:33Challenge Player
Standard member nefertum1077515243264822 Mar '18 13:32Challenge Player
Subscriber Melina67155159662484295452822 Mar '18 13:30Challenge Player
Standard member geikelheini174718793672722 Mar '18 13:27Challenge Player
Standard member Silvio Hering12141928999422 Mar '18 13:23Challenge Player
Standard member eisenbahn133212636615505222 Mar '18 13:20Challenge Player
Standard member Comprido16224432431732722 Mar '18 13:15Challenge Player
Standard member Ojmel1278313157150622 Mar '18 13:07Challenge Player
Standard member Captain Footos10413651382052222 Mar '18 13:02Challenge Player
Subscriber gina010411522275104811784922 Mar '18 13:00Challenge Player
Standard member Rapunzel113420295104322 Mar '18 12:58Challenge Player
Standard member Amelie Weber88468560322 Mar '18 12:33Challenge Player
Standard member Lord of Chess1117672442122 Mar '18 12:23Challenge Player
Standard member mesohonee12544942532261522 Mar '18 12:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Christoph7213156122952734422 Mar '18 12:16Challenge Player

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