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Chess Player Directory for Scotland

Chess Player Directory for Scotland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber catnap642online1036144276890681871921 Aug '17 02:31Challenge Player
Standard member Bellomax131910824066265021 Aug '17 02:27Challenge Player
Subscriber Bosk1313496723163431321 Aug '17 01:38Challenge Player
Standard member The Snapper15783812011602021 Aug '17 01:32Challenge Player
Standard member martin w1060241901391221 Aug '17 01:22Challenge Player
Subscriber stephenwale167632801791124824121 Aug '17 01:08Challenge Player
Standard member Sansi155732199421 Aug '17 01:03Challenge Player
Standard member snodgrass134616847318965721 Aug '17 00:15Challenge Player
Subscriber cking2k3150142711576187482120 Aug '17 23:51Challenge Player
Subscriber mikeysjfc12222145810122910620 Aug '17 23:49Challenge Player
Standard member alice cooper112311305365623220 Aug '17 23:46Challenge Player
Standard member KIO M14264722921602020 Aug '17 23:30Challenge Player
Standard member Macfadyenov11981646890620 Aug '17 23:29Challenge Player
Subscriber Nimzovitch172437841631160754620 Aug '17 23:22Challenge Player
Standard member bleepyF122414336787173820 Aug '17 23:18Challenge Player
Standard member shiningslug150320511685420 Aug '17 23:07Challenge Player
Standard member Macavity110515910052720 Aug '17 23:05Challenge Player
Subscriber GBMCM16691808106354020520 Aug '17 22:47Challenge Player
Subscriber labatt152237281790176117720 Aug '17 22:40Challenge Player
Standard member shaggerjagger15902038145739418720 Aug '17 22:37Challenge Player
Subscriber johnj16836603702692120 Aug '17 22:33Challenge Player
Standard member ph46125221512092320 Aug '17 22:33Challenge Player
Standard member Academus17472279110396720920 Aug '17 22:29Challenge Player
Subscriber jaryvan14911839104667012320 Aug '17 22:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Stoic1176910706323528620 Aug '17 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member raiox171512777604467120 Aug '17 22:15Challenge Player
Standard member redandhot392310223366523420 Aug '17 22:11Challenge Player
Subscriber lightbucket12846563332982520 Aug '17 22:09Challenge Player
Standard member yellowplates11019675274053520 Aug '17 21:57Challenge Player
Subscriber bttnpshrx1306124605198650276020 Aug '17 21:41Challenge Player

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