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Chess Player Directory for Scotland

Chess Player Directory for Scotland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber johnjonline16796693752732113 Dec '17 22:25Challenge Player
Standard member Ringway1online13668043464342413 Dec '17 22:22Challenge Player
Subscriber jkmelancononline12283873151223115013 Dec '17 22:22Challenge Player
Standard member cjohnston8online9991377164213 Dec '17 22:21Challenge Player
Standard member redandhot3online96811443817253813 Dec '17 22:20Challenge Player
Standard member ewan28online185091727342721713 Dec '17 22:19Challenge Player
Standard member yellowplates11159965434163713 Dec '17 22:18Challenge Player
Standard member Academus175024251163104222013 Dec '17 22:17Challenge Player
Subscriber roma45141591344255430157813 Dec '17 22:11Challenge Player
Subscriber Ian151755107858138511213 Dec '17 22:11Challenge Player
Subscriber cking2k3156042811583187682213 Dec '17 22:05Challenge Player
Subscriber Luath12943416144618779313 Dec '17 22:01Challenge Player
Subscriber catnap6421086146837024692773213 Dec '17 22:01Challenge Player
Standard member gp67p 12351669113 Dec '17 22:00Challenge Player
Standard member dontdaremovethatking1217302762323515313 Dec '17 21:59Challenge Player
Standard member ph461259239132104313 Dec '17 21:57Challenge Player
Subscriber Bosk1312797443473811613 Dec '17 21:53Challenge Player
Standard member snodgrass139317287479176413 Dec '17 21:51Challenge Player
Subscriber RikWb146416618637356313 Dec '17 21:48Challenge Player
Subscriber bttnpshrx1332128885383671878713 Dec '17 21:47Challenge Player
Standard member The Snapper14824362251872413 Dec '17 21:44Challenge Player
Standard member Scotchmitch10589153105901513 Dec '17 21:41Challenge Player
Standard member Robin Johnson14503932121661513 Dec '17 21:37Challenge Player
Subscriber vandergoot1405194010128676113 Dec '17 21:37Challenge Player
Standard member Profiteer1192162351310486213 Dec '17 21:36Challenge Player
Standard member IanTipton17096064051663513 Dec '17 21:31Challenge Player
Standard member Mctayto1112303771066114302541413 Dec '17 21:24Challenge Player
Subscriber jaryvan15451863106067712613 Dec '17 21:21Challenge Player
Standard member KIO M14164923041672113 Dec '17 21:17Challenge Player
Standard member bleepyF120214386797213813 Dec '17 21:10Challenge Player

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