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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member patinoramirez299online93718141132813 Dec '17 22:32Challenge Player
Standard member Elsonline82759151586416516413 Dec '17 22:30Challenge Player
Subscriber CeSingeonline1330421230185613 Dec '17 22:29Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej17469847881484813 Dec '17 22:07Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x1180151462179310013 Dec '17 22:05Challenge Player
Subscriber Frenico1268975043413 Dec '17 22:05Challenge Player
Standard member surfplankp 100315213013 Dec '17 22:02Challenge Player
Standard member Felix II1218673033413 Dec '17 21:41Challenge Player
Standard member TFY741p 1200110013 Dec '17 21:34Challenge Player
Standard member Vegge126511464616592613 Dec '17 21:34Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11655121922972313 Dec '17 21:25Challenge Player
Standard member enrico db14891026137413 Dec '17 21:06Challenge Player
Subscriber Lucske691237228599612454413 Dec '17 21:00Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towers15778063633628113 Dec '17 20:58Challenge Player
Standard member CortezTheKiller184911893151013 Dec '17 20:43Challenge Player
Standard member lucas5171311678552337913 Dec '17 20:37Challenge Player
Subscriber superpion133512156235741813 Dec '17 20:22Challenge Player
Standard member flore1533175412024539913 Dec '17 20:14Challenge Player
Standard member Panzerpawn183286351522012813 Dec '17 20:13Challenge Player
Standard member joachim11079506232713302213 Dec '17 20:07Challenge Player
Subscriber Wim De Craene1327210410969624613 Dec '17 19:09Challenge Player
Standard member cotte16169144843923813 Dec '17 19:03Challenge Player
Standard member graph16289184823924413 Dec '17 18:58Challenge Player
Standard member gilepsie2175320266252913 Dec '17 18:44Challenge Player
Standard member jalanopi19554172111436313 Dec '17 18:07Challenge Player
Standard member Lord XyRyX111922713790013 Dec '17 18:00Challenge Player
Standard member graalridder1505435295134613 Dec '17 16:43Challenge Player
Subscriber wute13119454095211513 Dec '17 16:34Challenge Player
Subscriber edevo12241758387513 Dec '17 16:27Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi124910414645443313 Dec '17 16:26Challenge Player

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