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Chess Player Directory for South Africa

Chess Player Directory for South Africa

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Rhodiweonline12939603915412820 Jul '18 20:31Challenge Player
Standard member Bedevereonline13311607485120 Jul '18 20:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Colgormonline157713577255547820 Jul '18 20:31Challenge Player
Subscriber FvG1online139728001310128320720 Jul '18 20:30Challenge Player
Subscriber klopdisselboomonline192511197273207220 Jul '18 20:29Challenge Player
Standard member GruffGriffonline1686930244313383148820 Jul '18 20:25Challenge Player
Standard member CalJustonline14428584893185120 Jul '18 20:25Challenge Player
Standard member juanitovc1587136984539812620 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member Jurgens Prinsloop 1267733120 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member RenĂ© Liebenberg1447306200901620 Jul '18 20:18Challenge Player
Standard member L Stock1705143876049018820 Jul '18 20:15Challenge Player
Standard member carelj13709005523153320 Jul '18 20:15Challenge Player
Standard member skillpad16812758161996817120 Jul '18 20:14Challenge Player
Standard member AFriend15145713022402920 Jul '18 20:12Challenge Player
Subscriber Kimo Sabie130012275706381920 Jul '18 20:10Challenge Player
Subscriber gwam163130981528142114920 Jul '18 20:09Challenge Player
Subscriber ysterbaard150714867037473620 Jul '18 20:09Challenge Player
Standard member Hermanvdl155612726445656320 Jul '18 20:07Challenge Player
Subscriber malhem10623099120818702120 Jul '18 20:07Challenge Player
Standard member Rhodesir12687433423772420 Jul '18 20:06Challenge Player
Standard member Mullet12316284132721261520 Jul '18 20:06Challenge Player
Standard member Boelie15535952572558320 Jul '18 20:05Challenge Player
Standard member Mpho Isaac Thobakgale14171708880220 Jul '18 20:04Challenge Player
Standard member Gilbert Labskag11551498262520 Jul '18 20:04Challenge Player
Standard member Nico Erasmus14041307253520 Jul '18 20:03Challenge Player
Standard member Parmenion1483115653152210320 Jul '18 20:00Challenge Player
Standard member God of Biscuits155551415520 Jul '18 19:58Challenge Player
Standard member TlotloM100425496152620 Jul '18 19:54Challenge Player
Standard member OmarMookadam15581267148720 Jul '18 19:51Challenge Player
Standard member tskoopman1327306187118120 Jul '18 19:39Challenge Player

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