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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Bromdogonline135726181272118016626 Apr '18 11:37Challenge Player
Standard member parker1online128212975326937226 Apr '18 11:37Challenge Player
Subscriber CheekyCheckeronline14092823140813575826 Apr '18 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member TingTongonline109713085536738226 Apr '18 11:36Challenge Player
Subscriber barlinskionline17812151121273520426 Apr '18 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member Ahmed Gattooonline135021498113326 Apr '18 11:36Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online14551695293526317128326 Apr '18 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member Phillboonlinep 1200422026 Apr '18 11:35Challenge Player
Subscriber TMEWilliamsonline14477743384191726 Apr '18 11:34Challenge Player
Subscriber Zorromoodyonline10846032533371326 Apr '18 11:32Challenge Player
Subscriber Lenconline1677113014716618440126 Apr '18 11:31Challenge Player
Standard member hermes46online1024426152271326 Apr '18 11:31Challenge Player
Subscriber beardmusiconline116912214916755526 Apr '18 11:31Challenge Player
Standard member Wobblydebonline12526982524311526 Apr '18 11:30Challenge Player
Subscriber david1947online100434501328200212026 Apr '18 11:27Challenge Player
Standard member CoolColin129610595085153626 Apr '18 11:26Challenge Player
Subscriber malverno11875802972552826 Apr '18 11:25Challenge Player
Standard member Foxuser10711717594226 Apr '18 11:25Challenge Player
Standard member nkw43191452500226 Apr '18 11:24Challenge Player
Standard member Moches241920782586726 Apr '18 11:24Challenge Player
Standard member Gary 2p 99715112226 Apr '18 11:23Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracks13634862721991526 Apr '18 11:22Challenge Player
Standard member MrVertigo142511024536143526 Apr '18 11:22Challenge Player
Subscriber derekxv119710915025721726 Apr '18 11:22Challenge Player
Standard member James Huffington10261425090226 Apr '18 11:22Challenge Player
Standard member pusherofwood11983131731281226 Apr '18 11:22Challenge Player
Standard member Fat Skier1549238130862226 Apr '18 11:21Challenge Player
Standard member El Baron157912307094586326 Apr '18 11:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Jason King25515913805016126 Apr '18 11:19Challenge Player
Standard member conceptart14121009799201926 Apr '18 11:19Challenge Player

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