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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member parker1online124213645637277420 Jul '18 20:22Challenge Player
Standard member leftflipperonline155622013382520 Jul '18 20:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Zorromoodyonline10766182603451320 Jul '18 20:21Challenge Player
Standard member michael1473online116010685035184720 Jul '18 20:21Challenge Player
Subscriber rookorbycrookonline1572209385011558820 Jul '18 20:21Challenge Player
Standard member ginganingaonline1359340168166620 Jul '18 20:20Challenge Player
Subscriber gunnygarthonline128613615877363820 Jul '18 20:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Mrs Hogbinonline12942419133596212220 Jul '18 20:20Challenge Player
Subscriber Pauline Calfonline138446542374211216820 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Subscriber BaronVonChickenpantsonline12528524154191820 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member Stephen Coyleonline1227372115120 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member clarkskentonline12984211882221120 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member CoolColinonline127711455475593920 Jul '18 20:19Challenge Player
Standard member LudlowLiononline132014147945645620 Jul '18 20:17Challenge Player
Standard member patwadonline1473217712398845420 Jul '18 20:17Challenge Player
Standard member JDemononline1206439189243720 Jul '18 20:16Challenge Player
Standard member Equinox1online156419711779120 Jul '18 20:15Challenge Player
Standard member Olaru Catalinonline11477082034802520 Jul '18 20:15Challenge Player
Subscriber WillRRonline1420794432320 Jul '18 20:14Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Carteronline1362774921720 Jul '18 20:14Challenge Player
Subscriber philbeansonline14066362843252720 Jul '18 20:14Challenge Player
Standard member ukslim2000online15625122801755720 Jul '18 20:13Challenge Player
Subscriber stevehewittonline132211255815152920 Jul '18 20:13Challenge Player
Standard member Thuriauxonline166320913566820 Jul '18 20:13Challenge Player
Standard member colin gledrieonline19249948151403920 Jul '18 20:13Challenge Player
Subscriber Grandmaster bateronline145141062166175718320 Jul '18 20:13Challenge Player
Standard member Tomrhysonline1418239155642020 Jul '18 20:12Challenge Player
Subscriber autolycus12723062137615919520 Jul '18 20:11Challenge Player
Subscriber Forest9138011395994429820 Jul '18 20:11Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer1454781378394920 Jul '18 20:11Challenge Player

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