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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member AnthonyHonline1613101943136722121 Aug '17 02:34Challenge Player
Subscriber Grandmaster bater On Vacation149837841992162217021 Aug '17 02:11Challenge Player
Subscriber Woltato22651775108359110121 Aug '17 02:10Challenge Player
Standard member Embassy16531107728521 Aug '17 02:09Challenge Player
Standard member CaptainBIdseye1828122679931910821 Aug '17 02:08Challenge Player
Standard member Dennovic1316532922221 Aug '17 01:57Challenge Player
Subscriber matt p154413146616054821 Aug '17 01:54Challenge Player
Subscriber BoardReader15749955993554121 Aug '17 01:43Challenge Player
Standard member weaselid16084032381085721 Aug '17 01:42Challenge Player
Standard member joevg1529257144941921 Aug '17 01:38Challenge Player
Subscriber CPK123531601410164810221 Aug '17 01:29Challenge Player
Subscriber lausey16382134106497010021 Aug '17 01:27Challenge Player
Standard member napoleon1231582203135521621 Aug '17 01:21Challenge Player
Standard member Andychrisnixon11546373322871821 Aug '17 01:01Challenge Player
Standard member silverbacked15102861681051321 Aug '17 00:56Challenge Player
Subscriber Tom Moitie14076473352823021 Aug '17 00:50Challenge Player
Standard member ellij10010925662503031321 Aug '17 00:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Double G18505843412083521 Aug '17 00:48Challenge Player
Subscriber Tom Price176124817963621 Aug '17 00:46Challenge Player
Standard member the fluffer1209715341365921 Aug '17 00:42Challenge Player
Standard member robgerard11681063069721 Aug '17 00:39Challenge Player
Standard member Ed Kainyek14854622172311421 Aug '17 00:32Challenge Player
Standard member colin gledrie19179047341323821 Aug '17 00:21Challenge Player
Subscriber Libellule163717469067479321 Aug '17 00:18Challenge Player
Standard member RedChess123410314345861121 Aug '17 00:13Challenge Player
Standard member Colin Fentonp 1200431021 Aug '17 00:12Challenge Player
Subscriber autolycus13932829126714748821 Aug '17 00:09Challenge Player
Standard member Casey Wasserman15975632652732521 Aug '17 00:07Challenge Player
Subscriber l6cum120232151375174010021 Aug '17 00:06Challenge Player
Standard member MartinB2751080273163783221 Aug '17 00:02Challenge Player

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