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Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

Chess Player Directory for United Kingdom

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Kings Gambitonline14898834693546013 Dec '17 22:32Challenge Player
Standard member Carter USMonline136112665096966113 Dec '17 22:32Challenge Player
Standard member Blood On The Tracksonline1278369206156713 Dec '17 22:31Challenge Player
Subscriber Dadabell127011425665403613 Dec '17 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member pottersonline134920485115413 Dec '17 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member Richard Corrigan 2onlinep 151814104013 Dec '17 22:31Challenge Player
Subscriber LegendOfEd131126441285124411513 Dec '17 22:31Challenge Player
Standard member jatriusonline9176472753522013 Dec '17 22:30Challenge Player
Standard member tim15online17264142581302613 Dec '17 22:30Challenge Player
Standard member tashfordonline91512414707591213 Dec '17 22:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Spence167online114924674172013 Dec '17 22:29Challenge Player
Standard member Casey Wassermanonline16226773113303613 Dec '17 22:29Challenge Player
Subscriber jb70online16281603788965918122313 Dec '17 22:29Challenge Player
Standard member dieselfitteronline14706583313002713 Dec '17 22:29Challenge Player
Standard member tviziononline145029218013 Dec '17 22:28Challenge Player
Standard member damobellonline1181305146156313 Dec '17 22:28Challenge Player
Standard member brushonline1529194118661013 Dec '17 22:27Challenge Player
Standard member martinthegreenonline12358143933952613 Dec '17 22:27Challenge Player
Standard member Prvt Harrisonline13531365678213 Dec '17 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member parker1online126811714776266813 Dec '17 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member The Conquistadoronline153127417099513 Dec '17 22:26Challenge Player
Standard member daveyxonline15727313743183913 Dec '17 22:25Challenge Player
Subscriber imetfischeronline152757002445278547013 Dec '17 22:24Challenge Player
Standard member amtw99online1771161682555623513 Dec '17 22:22Challenge Player
Standard member Madmudonline147319811676613 Dec '17 22:22Challenge Player
Standard member Ken 1112829405843084813 Dec '17 22:21Challenge Player
Standard member conceptart1479949751189913 Dec '17 22:21Challenge Player
Standard member craig1993bessant1598287226372413 Dec '17 22:20Challenge Player
Standard member The Rocketeer1348324214902013 Dec '17 22:20Challenge Player
Standard member dizzypawn151332491678123034113 Dec '17 22:20Challenge Player

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